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Silene acaulis/ Moss campion

Silene acaulis/ Moss campion

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This BC native will fill in nooks and crannies perfectly. Place Moss Campion in gritty conditions, ignore it and watch it grow. This little Silene has hot pink flowers that fade to light pink in summer and are a welcome surprise. Moss Campion is great for dry walkways, rock gardens or retaining walls. This plant needs sharp drainage to succeed.  Do not overwater or underwater. May need extra water during hot dry spells.

It does tolerate light foot traffic and could be used as a lawn substitute.

Zone: 2-7

Height: 1"

Spread: 12"

Flower Colour: pink

Flowering Season: May-June

Sun Exposure: Sun to Part Sun

Soil Type: Well drained, Sandy

Water Needs: Medium

Resistant To: Deer, Foot Traffic

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