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Table Mountain Iceplant / Delosperma cooperi ‘Table Mountain

Table Mountain Iceplant / Delosperma cooperi ‘Table Mountain

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This sweet succulent bears bright fuchsia, yellow centered 1.5-2 in. starry flowers held above gray-green succulent leaves that forms a low growing mat. Heaviest bloom is in late spring and summer, followed by sporadic bloom in the fall. Flowers attract butterflies. It tolerates poor soil, heat and drought. A great choice for hot, dry areas. Excellent as a groundcover, in the rock garden or wall, for edging, and especially as a lawn substitute.

It is vitally important to plant in gravelly, rocky soils with excellent drainage to ensure overwintering success. Delosperma will not tolerate moisture during the winter.

Zones: 5-9

Size:  3-5 cm- 1-2 inches tall x 30-60 cm- 12-23 inches wide

Location: Full sun

Soil: sandy, dry
Bloom Time: late spring thru summer, occasionally in fall

Bloom Colour: fuschia pink, yellow centers


Proudly grown from seed at Wild Bloom Nursery, Kelowna. BC