Blue Bellflower/ Campanula rotundifolia 'Thumbell Blue'

Blue Bellflower/ Campanula rotundifolia 'Thumbell Blue'

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An improved form of the wild Bluebells-of-Scotland, this forms a low mound of green grassy-looking leaves. Taller upright stems bear graceful, nodding mauve-purple bells during early summer through to fall. Ideal for edging the border, also nice in containers, rock gardens or walls. Easily divided in spring or early autumn. A North American native wildflower, including British Columbia.




Basic Colour: (blue)
Flower Colour: violet blue
Natural Flowering Period: June - October
Flowering: First year flowering
Flower: single
Winter Hardiness Zones: Z3 - Z7 
Growth Habit: stoloniferous / compact
Height with Flowers: 25 cm
Spacing between Plants: 25 cm
Soil Requirements: dry / average / undemanding

Characteristics: groundcover
Usage: for the rock garden / flowering pot plant


 3.5" pot