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Phlox hybrida 'Woodlander Pink'/ Woodlander Pink Phlox

Phlox hybrida 'Woodlander Pink'/ Woodlander Pink Phlox

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Phlox Woodlander Pink is a new interspecific hybrid of Phlox subulata and Phlox stolonifera that offers weeks of continuous flowering. Early blooms supply much-needed nectar for bees when other flowers are scarce. This mounded and spreading evergreen phlox is commonly used in mass plantings as a groundcover and in border plantings. Individual plants also make stunning accents in rock gardens and water feature gardens. The evergreen foliage also provides an attractive groundcover look for the garden throughout the summer season. 

Zone: 4-8

Height: 4-6"

Spread: 8-10"

Flower Colour: Pink

Flowering Season: Early Spring

Sun Exposure: Full sun to part sun

Soil Type: compost enriched, well draining

Water Needs: Average, can be drought tolerant once established

Pollinator Attractant: Yes

Resistant To: Deer

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