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Sedum kamtschaticum variegatum/ Variegated Kamtschaticum Sedum

Sedum kamtschaticum variegatum/ Variegated Kamtschaticum Sedum

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Sedum kamtschaticum variegatum is considered to be one of the variegated sedums with it's succulent spoon shaped leaves delicately outlined with creamy white and tinged pink. Look for the entire leaf to turn red in winter. This sedum is semi-evergreen, low growing and mat forming. It will make an excellent groundcover, or use in the rock garden. Mix it into tubs and containers for an interesting water wise display.

Zone: 3-8

Height: 6-8" (15- 20 cm)

Spread: 1'-2' (30-60 cm)

Flower Colour: yellow

Flowering Season: Summer

Sun Exposure: Full to part sun

Soil Type: Chalk, Loam, Sand, also Rocky Soil, Dry Soil

Water Needs: Low

Pollinator Attractant: Yes

Resistant To: Deer, Drought, Rabbit

Sold in a 3.5" pot