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Sedum lanceolatum/ Lanceleaf Stonecrop

Sedum lanceolatum/ Lanceleaf Stonecrop

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Lanceleaf stonecrop is native to western Canada and the United States. It can be found in exposed rocky habitat in mountainous areas. The succulent leaves are green, gray-green, blue-green, or reddish-green. The flowers are star-shaped and bloom yellow-gold.

Sedum lanceolatum is the primary larval host plant for Parnassius smintheus / Rocky Mountain Apollo Butterfly. It primarily feeds on the leaves of the Sedum lanceolatum plant as larvae and on its nectar as adults. 

 Zone: 4-8

Height:  8" ( 20 cm) with flowers

Spread: 8" (20 cm)

Flower Colour: yellow/gold

Flowering Season: August-October

Sun Exposure: Sun

Soil Type: Well drained, Sandy, Rocky

Water Needs: Low

Pollinator Attractant: Yes

Resistant To: Drought

Proudly Grown from seed at Wild Bloom Nursery, Kelowna, BC

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