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Penstemon procerus /Slender penstemon

Penstemon procerus /Slender penstemon

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A pretty Penstemon found scattered n BC's low to subalpine elevations and elsewhere in Western Canada and US. in dry to moist open forests, grassy forests, meadows and disturbed sites.

Penstemon procerus sports tight clusters of flowers on stems of bright blue with pink throats. Producing nectar that will attract hummingbirds, butterflies and honey and native bees, why wouldn't you want to include this beauty in your landscape and garden? With its attractive blooms, glossy leaves and compact form this versatile wildflower is a nice selection for any sunny site and will tolerate a variety of soil conditions.

Zone: 3-8

Height: 4-14" (10- 35 cm)

Spread: 6-12"(15-30 cm)

Flower Colour: Dark purple

Flowering Season: Late Spring

Sun Exposure: Sun to Light Shade

Soil Type: Well Drained

Water Needs: Low to Average

Pollinator Attractant: Yes

Resistant To: Drought, Pests

Proudly Grown from seed at Wild Bloom Nursery, Kelowna, BC

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